Sunday, February 6, 2011

Science Monster

Not just games (although there are plenty of those)--there are also lessons.

Great stuff here, all science topics (in general).

Blick Art Video Lessons

You can also access lesson plans by grade level or discipline here:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Art Site I've Found

Now you can do "street view" tours of 17 of the world's top art museums. You can walk the floor of the museum, zoom in on specific paintings, and even make your own digital art collection that you can share with others (this is a fantastic learning tool--the teacher can make a collection and share it to illustrate any number of things from characteristics of historic periods, which often show up in art and can be broadened to describe the culture as a whole at the time,  to specific art techniques, to mathematical concepts. Alternately, a student can make an art collection as an assignment or for fun and share and explain it to others. You can even make comments on your paintings in your collection!). Email me if you need more ideas on how to use this for your students.

INCREDIBLE resource.