Friday, May 21, 2010

If you didn't check this out before

If you didn't check this out before, you really should now. The updates to the system that have happened in the last month have been fantastic, including my favorite thing:


You can even include external links (like to Learning Lynx or a specific Interactive your child would enjoy).  You can pull lessons from any of the thousands they have available on their site, any grade and any subject. It is VERY cool.

Highly Recommended. Free. Complete curriculum as it is, with anything you want to add.

Right now they are still PreK-2, but they have assured me they are going to have 3-5 or 6 up this year, and up through 8 next.

Biomes of the World

How are Hollywood films made?

What was life like in the Renaissance?

What was life like in the Middle Ages (interactive)

Elements of a Story Interactive

Thursday, May 20, 2010

K-12 Science Lessons and Activities

This site is LOADED with good, hands-on lessons on science.

e-Learning for Kids

Lessons and activities K-12.

Cool stuff.

Make your child an educational virtual playground, customized

You can customize even more if you get the paid subscriptions, but the free one still will make an age-appropriate playground for your children.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Experiments from Engaging Science

Teaching Science that Sizzles--an introduction to teaching science

This guide is actually really helpful to the homeschooling parent--how many of us started out as science teachers? Fewer than have to do it now!

Climate Change Unit

Engaging Science Games

Secrets at Sea

Cool game about oceanography!

Teacher's Guide:
The Teacher's Guide includes extension activities and additional resources to make this an entire oceanography unit. Very Cool Stuff.

Astronomy: Explore Gravity

Gravity is a force that pulls objects together. Here's a song about it:

Here is a lesson about Gravity:

If you have several people, you can  do this experiment:

Watch this video:

Explore gravity and orbits here:

Your weight is determined by gravity, and the gravity of the planet you are on is determined by the mass of that planet. Arty Astro's Gravitron can help you find out what you would weigh on other planets: click on explore; page 2; gravitron