Saturday, December 18, 2010

Learn programming languages

This is a relatively new endeavor, and I'm not sure how it will come out, but it's worth looking at.

Mozilla is working with Peer2Peer U in developing this. The quality of the courses will depend on the teachers, of course.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

GREAT Math learning resource

K-everything, by level or by skill---this site pulls resources from around the web to help with math learning. Fun stuff, too.

Monday, October 18, 2010

TimeMaps Interactive History Maps

This is an awesome new resource that covers all of World History in engaging, informative interactive maps and a timeline.

It's a new enough resource that they are still adding materials, but the Ancient Egypt page can give you an idea of what to expect--not just places and dates, but info on art, architecture, government, and (this is BIG) the legacy in the rest of history.

Easy to access and fun.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fourth Grade

Here is the link to the Fourth Grade curriculum I'm using with my son this year. My son is profoundly gifted in the verbal/social studies areas, so you might find some of this perplexingly varied in its content and academic level.  I have left off math except for drills because we are using Saxon Math 54 this year.   Access it here:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Math Challenges for Families

Fun site!

Fun, visually appealing elementary physical science materials

Free online courses from around the world

World Lecture Hall

Courses on Physics


Click on "more from this provider" for more physics courses.

self-directed exploration:

And textbooks:

And labs:

Entire course on Mass Communication

Course on TV Production

Cooking Conversion Calculators

There are a lot of great education resources coming out of the UK right now, including cooking lessons for kids. To make them really useful, though, you need to convert the measurements:  has conversion calculators and measurement.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GREAT Lesson and interactive library: Teacher's Domain

You have to register, but you can register for free. GREAT resources, lesson plans, and materials available here.

If you homeschool and your "school" doesn't show up on their list, you can enter it for free to access the materials. Just click on "help, I can't find my school on the list".

Uses a LOT of PBS stuff.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Second Grade (Gifted)

This is the curriculum I designed for my exceptionally (or maybe even profoundly) gifted second grader.  It is posted in 2 parts (so google docs could handle it).

12 lessons per day for a year:

Second Grade Part 1:
Second Grade Part 2:

This draws from material from 3rd grade up to college level, so it might not be appropriate for every 7 year old!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Go to the Louvre Virtually

New Programming Language for Kids

Designed especially for developing computer games, Kodu is a visual language...and supposedly fun and easy to use, although I haven't tried it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Math Worksheet Site

If you have an online list of skills your child needs to know for math (like from, you can use that list plus this site to generate entire workbooks worth of practice problems free:

Intuitive interface, and practical, nice-looking results.

It will cost you to print the worksheets, so to keep it absolutely free, you can have your child work on a glass-screened computer monitor, figuring the problems right on the screen with a dry-erase marker.

Complete Math by INew

You can access the site as a guest user for free. To use some of the features (like student tracking) you do have to pay.

Week-by-week math courses K-12 and Algebra 1

Choose the level you want and then scroll down to the "Week-By-Week Essentials".

Online Math Resources, including a section for gifted kids

GREAT portal to math sites.

Math Practice Problems (1-8 grades) covering the whole curriculum

Free Math Course Materials

COMPLETE K-10 Math Courses

I've been searching for something like this. It includes workbooks, lesson plans, interactives, videos, and printables.  All free.

K is called R (for Reception) because this is a UK programme.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schoolhouse TV

AWESOME new sight. Not only is it visibly beautiful, it's easy to use and full of fun, educational video clips with more solid, reliable content than user-submitted sites like Teacher Tube.

Go see. They tell me it's brand new, so they'll be adding more content as soon as they can.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Math Curriculum Option

This is K-6 ( I think, it's a New Zealand program, so years 1-7, levels 1-3?).

The full program is only accessible if you pay for it (boo!), but you can access 2 lessons per day free. It is limited when its free (lets you create an account, but doesn't track your students...).

Still, if you're looking for complete online math, free, this is an option, albeit a limited one. It includes games, video lessons, interactives, and printables.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Math Teacher Online is a fee-based online math program for grades 3-10. They do have a significant free resource though:

Sign up as a teacher (free and easy) and you have access to well over a thousand online math videos, similar to Khan Academy in that you  have a virtual whiteboard on screen rather than a real live teacher, but the real live teacher does narrate and write on the screen as you go.

You can access the videos here, too:, but the advantage of using the Teacher.Tenmarks site is they have a nice interface that lets you choose topics by grade level or by topic.

If your student needs help understanding a concept, you need someone else to teach it (this happens to all of us homeschoolers sometimes!), or you're a DIY curriculum person, this could be a really valuable resource for you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Latin Vocabulary Games

Spanish Vocabulary games

Games for building vocabulary

Literature-based spelling lists

Spelling City

This is a great spelling site!

You can enter your own words and practice them, test yourself, or play a game with them. They also have lists you can access and use (under Teacher Resources, though, not Find a List).

There are also state information quizzes (largest cities, etc.) for each US state.

This is a very homeschool-friendly site. They even include an entire spelling curriculum here:
Start on the first list and work your way down--they grow incrementally harder--and play games, etc. with each list.

Also, an entire 1-6 grade curriculum is here:

Also, individual teachers are putting up reading curricula. Grades 3-5 are here:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playschool curriculum (for ages 1-3)

I have created a full year online curriculum for my toddler. The link is here if you want to use it as is or as a model for your own custom curriculum:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Primary Homework Help

This site used to be called "Woodland's Junior" and several people have linked me to it (and I keep finding it on my own).  It really is one of the best resource collections out there, at least in the history section. I haven't used the others extensively, but I'd love to hear from people who have:

There are still more resources at the original Woodland's Junior site, like unusual customs.

Check both.

Lots of Ancient Greece Interactives

Woodland's Junior consistently has fantastic educational resources, and their section on Greece is fun.

Also here:

Be sure to check the menu on the left. It's easy to miss, but that's where your various chapters are.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Be sure to check out the staff room for free teacher materials (worksheets, discussion guides, etc).

Ancient India


Be sure to check out the staff room for teacher materials (worksheets, discussion guides, etc.).

Best Ancient Greece Site

Be sure to check out the "Staff Room" for lesson plans, worksheets, and other teacher materials.

Ancient China


Be sure to visit the "Staff Room," which has free teaching resources, downloadable worksheets and discussion guides, etc.

Ancient Civilizations by theme (building, writing, etc)

Be SURE you click on "staff room" (at the bottom left, very tiny). This gives you teaching materials (discussions, comparative resources, etc) as Word Documents.

Online Tours of the British Museum (history)

History of the world in 100 Objects

Young Explorers (Ancient History)

This is a fantastic new site with games, activities, and interactives on Ancient World History.

VERY cool.

Time Explorers from the British Museum

Computer game. History. Fun.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Complete 8-12 Math courses (pre-algebra through calculus)

These are video lectures from real teachers covering the whole course. They DON'T include the book or assignments, so you'll have to use them to teach the topics covered in your own textbooks, but they do include a homework checker that gives answers to your math problems and a forum.

Complete Video Physics Lectures

There are no assignments included here, so this would be a complete course with the addition of a textbook to work with. But this does include video lectures from real teachers.

Complete Video Chemistry Course

Like the biology course, this doesn't include worksheets or assignments, but it does contain a complete series of video lectures by a real teacher with a whiteboard.

Complete Video Biology Course

As of this date, the course isn't completely finished, but there's a good chunk. These are videos of a science teacher with a whiteboard, so it somewhat simulates a real classroom lecture. Taken together, it forms a complete course in terms of information (there are no assignments or worksheets).

"Best" sources of educational video content

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Cover Creator

Lets you design and print a book cover (front only, front and back, or full dust jacket) for a book you like or a book you wrote.

Science Experiments from Head Rush

Fun Science Quiz Game

Play in "practice" mode for solo play.

Polish Vocabulary Resources

Nursery Rhyme Ebook downloads

These are simple and colorful--perfect for young learners.

Make your own educational games

This site has over 2000 educational games, plus the capacity to make your own, which you can then embed on your own blog or website. It says it's a 6-12th grade site, but there are games for young learners, too.

You have to register for access, but it's free.

The games I played were solid educationally, but could hardly be called "games"--they were more like online learning activities, animated quizzes, or animated drills. Still, they were brightly colored and if you are just looking for yet another way to drill your child on multiplication or the parts of a cell, this works.

Plus you can make your own activities using your own content.

Russian Vocabulary Resources

Italian Vocabulary Resources

Dutch Vocabulary Resources

German Vocabulary Resources

Spanish Vocabulary Resources

French Vocabulary Resources

and games:


Spanish Numbers and More

German Numbers and More

US States Booklets

You have to access the pages one at a time, and with multiple clicks.

Welsh Language Materials

Colorful Printables on many topics

Mother Goose Rhymes (and accompanying lesson materials)

The rhymes are found listed down the left side as links.

And this site: , which is a little nicer to look at but equally confusing to navigate.

This one is still prettier, but very modern, high-tech feel to the design:

History Printables

Preschool Academy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

39-week Algebra course

What is Anthropology

Science Web Quests

Dear America: Tales from US History

Reading Guides to Children's Novels


Interactive Tour of Ellis Island

Write It online Writing Classes

Interactive Spanish Games -- intermediate and advanced

The First Thanksgiving

Hans Christian Andersen Stories

The Arabian Nights

Most of these are widely accepted. I advise you preview the Richard Burton translations (down at the bottom) before you turn your child loose on this page. He was well-known in the 1880s for being heavily into erotic literature, and some of his translations are not child-appropriate.

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thousands of printables and crafts

These are much higher quality and more diverse than most educational sites.

They also have lesson plans, art ideas, etc:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cybrary Man's Web Portal

US History Images

GREAT kids' stories and rhymes site

I've been searching out nursery rhymes and classic tales to add to my children's curricula, and this is one of the best sites I've found:

It's loaded with stories, rhymes, and songs, each illustrated colorfully and read by a professional (not like Cullen's ABCs--I mean people like Crispin Glover and Nick Cannon, who know how to read).

Really fun. Free downloads. Watch online. Great stuff.

Also, if you click on the "teachers" link, you'll find lesson guides, worksheets, and activities for the stories.

For Small Scientists: the Magic Schoolbus


Full episodes of Magic Schoolbus here:

organized by topic.

Peter Rabbit Games and Activities

Visually beautiful site, too:

Also, the story:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Printables to go with classic children's books

Great Story Resource

Read the e-book. Then print a coloring book version of it for your child to make their own.

Printable Writing Papers (of various elementary school styles)

ABC practice worksheets

Math Card Games

Free 8-12th grade online core curriculum

Just checking this out. They say they are k-12 on their front page, but they really are 8-12 (which is fine because Head of the Class is pK-8, and Lesson Pathways is K-5, so those are covered already if you like free online curricula).

You have to register for free access, but they welcome homeschoolers.

I would love to hear other people's experiences with this. Reviews, anyone?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Educational Kids Games

Some are better than others, but they do have a more truly educational bent than, say, Dora.

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op

You can join for free and make free ID cards for your own homeschool (for a fee you can get PVC cards, but you can print them for free). They also have a database of free resources out there:

Learn the ABCs (online and printable activities) --printables --online

I especially like the online animations that show how to form the letters properly, and then the follow-up worksheets to practice on.

French Vocabulary Activities (online)

online activities:

and worksheets:

German Vocabulary Activities

online activities:

and worksheets:

Spanish Vocabulary Activities

online activities:

and worksheets:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Educational Pre-K Games

Saxon Math Online

Saxon Math has started putting online components of their math curricula out there for people to use, including those pesky fact sheets that begin every lesson (form A and form B?):

My kids, at least, will be delighted--they can now do at least that part online!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Funnest math games I've found (and other learning games, too)

I'm doing a lot of searching out of math games for my kids to practice their math facts. Worksheets just don't cut it for them--too boring--and MOST math "games" are simply worksheets where you can only see only problem at a time, sometimes with a cute frame, and sometimes with cute animation. But it doesn't really qualify as a game unless there is a progression of some kind and a way to win.

This site is my favorite so far:

They have other learning games as well (language arts, reading, science) and animated tutorials. I just haven't played those yet.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Math Games/Lesson Site

This site allows you to play math games. It also allows you to create a math "lesson" for someone else, choosing groups of games you want them to play.

Free worksheet generator

Math Skills by Grade k-6

You have to pay for unlimited access to the site. But they do have lists of all the skills kids should learn in each grade, if you're doing a DIY, online math program (or if you just want to know how far in that Saxon book they have to get to "finish the grade").  The lists are free. You can do some problems for free.

Fun Typing Program for Kids

So far, this is the best typing program I've found for kids. It actually explains everything, is colorful and animated, and doesn't move too fast.

Free Math Practice Garden

Sign up (free) and it lets you grow your garden over time.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

If you didn't check this out before

If you didn't check this out before, you really should now. The updates to the system that have happened in the last month have been fantastic, including my favorite thing:


You can even include external links (like to Learning Lynx or a specific Interactive your child would enjoy).  You can pull lessons from any of the thousands they have available on their site, any grade and any subject. It is VERY cool.

Highly Recommended. Free. Complete curriculum as it is, with anything you want to add.

Right now they are still PreK-2, but they have assured me they are going to have 3-5 or 6 up this year, and up through 8 next.

Biomes of the World

How are Hollywood films made?

What was life like in the Renaissance?

What was life like in the Middle Ages (interactive)

Elements of a Story Interactive

Thursday, May 20, 2010

K-12 Science Lessons and Activities

This site is LOADED with good, hands-on lessons on science.

e-Learning for Kids

Lessons and activities K-12.

Cool stuff.

Make your child an educational virtual playground, customized

You can customize even more if you get the paid subscriptions, but the free one still will make an age-appropriate playground for your children.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Experiments from Engaging Science

Teaching Science that Sizzles--an introduction to teaching science

This guide is actually really helpful to the homeschooling parent--how many of us started out as science teachers? Fewer than have to do it now!

Climate Change Unit

Engaging Science Games

Secrets at Sea

Cool game about oceanography!

Teacher's Guide:
The Teacher's Guide includes extension activities and additional resources to make this an entire oceanography unit. Very Cool Stuff.

Astronomy: Explore Gravity

Gravity is a force that pulls objects together. Here's a song about it:

Here is a lesson about Gravity:

If you have several people, you can  do this experiment:

Watch this video:

Explore gravity and orbits here:

Your weight is determined by gravity, and the gravity of the planet you are on is determined by the mass of that planet. Arty Astro's Gravitron can help you find out what you would weigh on other planets: click on explore; page 2; gravitron

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    The Ultimate Book List

    Posted by a Children's Librarian, this is the BEST elementary reading list I've ever found.

    If I've published this before, I apologize for doubling up. This is the final, longer (120 books) version.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Natural Resources in Ancient Egypt

    Zoom Dinosaurs Online Dino Text

    The Wild Classroom

    Great Biology Resource:

    Lots of videos, lesson plans, scientist bios/interviews, etc.

    Transportation in Ancient Egypt

    Learning Planet Educational Games

    Gamequarium Web Portal

    Dr Seuss Videos and Games

    and games

    Online Preschool/Early K games

    Number Games for Pre-K and K

    Fun way to learn how scientists think

    Guest Hollow Homeschool Curriculum

    This is a work in progress, but they have some free courses up already.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Fisher Price Preschool,game_toddler,game_preschool&site=us

    More Curriculum Guidelines and Outlines for the DIY Homeschoolers


    Links to lessons, worksheets, and information for homeschoolers.

    Typical Course of Study K-12

    Complete outline of what a typical course of study for each grade is--some with links to resources--which you can use as a launching point for a DIY homeschool curriculum (since more and more of us are "winging it" using resources that are online).

    This is a great outline to start with if you need a curriculum and can find the resources to teach the subjects yourself (using Learning Lynx, Merlot, and the other Web Portals/Links Repositories out there--dozens are linked on the sidebar).

    Online Free Middle School Textbooks

    Internet4Classrooms Web Portal

    If you click on "Grade Level Help", there is a complete list of links and lessons for each grade that you could use as your primary curriculum starting point. It is lacking (completely) in science, though.

    Literature Project

    Full text online classic books plus links for each to further studies.

    Grammar Park--practice grammar in games

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Google Bookmarks

    This has become (or maybe always was and I'm just discovering it) a very useful tool. You can collect bookmark lists and make them PUBLIC, share them with your friends, etc.

    For educators and homeschoolers, this can be really useful. You could make a list of "related links", or even craft a whole links-based lesson, and just "share" the list.

    You could also make an assignment for each child to find a unique link to add to the list--incredibly useful activity both for the subject at hand and also to teach them about how to do internet research.

    One of the more popular courses at UC Berkeley

    The rest of the course is on there, too!!threadID=GCcNC4q17ltI%2FBDQiEggoQo9GXkYEl

    Friday, April 16, 2010


    No, it's not stinky.

    It's Open Courseware with DISCUSSION. Even if you missed the signup date, you can "sit in" on the courses and read the discussions. Cool approach--blending Open Courseware with Peer 2 Peer networking.

    iTunes U

    This is worth downloading iTunes for!

    They even have free animated courses for kids (like Drum lesson for kids including tracks, animations, and a book--all free).

    VERY worth browsing.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Intro to Philosophy Course (college level)

    Complete Course on the History of Science (College Level)

    This is a self-guided "course" (feels like a textbook):

    with dozens of links to explore:

    Scientists who have appeared on money

    Complete Course on History Of Science (middle school level)

    These lessons are creative, complete, and varied.

    questions to discuss (scroll half way down):

    and research resources:


    Science Kids at Home

    With lessons:

    Just experiments:

    Learn NC Lesson Plans

    DMOZ School Time

    ProTeacher --for ideas from teachers --for useful links

    Everything History from Teacher Oz

    Exploring Fabric and Dye

    Science Buddies Science Projects

    Kitzu--digital resource kits for classes

    Open Courseware "samples": Berklee Music

    Berklee doesn't put whole courses online for free. But the do put lessons on. I recommend you "Browse by Instrument" rather than clicking on the links in the main box. The "Browse by instrument" lessons take you right to the materials. The main box takes you to a registration page where you have to fill out a form.

    Shambles. net--links to resources

    PBS Teachersource

    Lessons based on PBS materials--and ones that are independent.

    Explore Virtual Ancient Egypt

    Lesson on Science and Technology in Egypt

    or the .pdf of the same lesson:

    Intro to Meteorology

    This includes instructions on how to make many meteorological tools at home:

    Links-based homeschool course on Ancient Egypt

    History of Science Up to Newton

    Ancient Egyptian Astronomy

    Interactive Atlas of Ancient Egypt (archaeology)

    Newton's Apple--Great Science TV

    Ancient Egypt Teaching Activities


    Print and Play and Ancient Egyptian Game

    Exploring the Afterlife with the Museum of Science and Technology

    Egyptian Archaeology Game



    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Ancient Egyptian SCIENCE

    Like all people in every time, the Ancient Egyptians observed their world and tried to understand it. They also tried to use the things they learned about the world and resources around them to improve their lives.

    While they didn't know the same things we do (and we don't know some of the things they did), science was as important to their lives as it is in ours.

    Do THIS:

    Then, if you want more info:

    Explore ancient egyptian inventions:

    Fly through the known universe

    VERY cool.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Online Education from

    Very cool stuff. Courses in dozens of subjects, all utilizing resources on the net. Very cool.

    Astronomy 101--10-week course

    The core idea of this course is really good. I didn't do the whole thing, so I have no idea how good the execution is. But I'd love to hear if anyone tries it!

    Astronomy Tools: Observatories and Virtual Observatories

    One of the greatest on-earth tools astronomers have is the observatory--a place that usually houses a giant telescope and other tools useful for observing the sky.

    Now the internet makes it possible for anyone to access the information collected by observatories in Virtual Observatories. --this has some great tools for students

    and more:

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Space Telescopes

    There are lots of Space Telescopes out there. They each have different tools and different purposes, but they all work together to give us more information about space.

    Learn about them here:

    and here:
    Fermi:, and
    James Webb: ;
    Hubble: and

    telescopes and how they work Interactive

    They call this a game, but it's more of an interactive, despite the fact that they say there are "levels".

    Still, it's worthwhile.

    College Astronomy Lecture on the Planets, with images

    Hubble Space Telescope Documentary

    Unit on Space Multiwavelength Telescopes

    2010 Meteor Showers

    Spitzer Videos (astronomy)

    Science Songs

    These were written a long time ago, so some of them aren't exactly accurate according to current theory.

    But they are fun.

    And some are perfectly fine scientifically, too.

    Geology of Ancient Egypt

    Watch PBS Video Online

    Search by Topics, shows, or collections, or use the search box to find something specific.

    NOVA online

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    International Children's Digital Library

    AWESOME resource. Read online if you want. Sign up for an age-appropriate or parent account. Or just read and read (in many languages!).

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    The Virtual Body Interactive

    This is one of the cooler interactives I've seen. Thanks Chastity for sending the link!

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Plagiarism definitions and detection tools and copyright guidelines

    I suspect most homeschooling families don't think much about plagiarism because of the nature of homeschooling. When the teacher is pacing the room or folding laundry on the couch behind you while you're researching your paper and writing it, it's a lot less tempting to copy and paste!

    However, homeschooled students, like all students, need to know about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

    There are some really useful helps on this site:

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Watch Know

    Thousands of educational videos, organized by topic and rated.

    Discovery Channel Games

    Discovery Channel can be a little irreverent, so you might want to preview these games.

    Edinformatics Directories

    This is a great links repository:

    Edinformatics Interactives Library

    Vermilion Interactives Library

    Current Conditions on Earth

    This is a pretty cool interactive map based on current satellite data:

    El Nino





    The Atmosphere





    The Arctic





    CNN Science Interactives Archive

    There are a lot of broken links here, but the ones that work are pretty cool.

    Science (mostly) Jigsaw Puzzles

    Not sure why they included Tarot cards and zombies in Science, but most of these are truly science-based.

    Solar System Memory Game

    Find the matching planet photos:

    Science Channel's Science Interactives

    Some of these are very cool.

    Medical Science and Human Anatomy Interactives

    Note to Parents:  Be aware that this is a medical site not intended for K-12 learners, but that might be of use to them. It has photos of human bodies and diseases on it, so preview this and decide if your students can handle these  appropriate medical images of unclothed men and women. There are some fantastic resources like an interactive view of the difference between adult and infant skin, and of fetal development. Just pre-view the site before you send your kids exploring.

    Note: This site also includes medical information about many disorders, diseases, and procedures. This site is geared toward patients and doesn't include photos, but it does include drawings of human anatomy. Preview this site as well. REALLY good information. Video Courses

    Some of these are available only by purchase, but many can be viewed online. Many include video and materials, some are interactives (with a discussion and activities).

    Or check it out here:

    Who knew dirt could be so interesting?  --interactives --lesson --activities and links

    Vacations and Vacationing Unit

    While this unit is focused on Victoria, the activities in it are excellent and easily linked to or adapted to discussions of leisure and vacationing either in a family history setting or in a local or state tourism resources setting.

    Lots of fun activities and pictures are here.

    Science U: Math and Science Interactives, kits, and crafts

    Thomas Jefferson's Library Interactives

    What are interactives and why use them?

    National Virtual Library of Manipulatives (Math)

    I'm sure I've mentioned this site before, but here it is again. An excellent collection of online interactives for Math.

    Seeing Math Interactives

    Explore Early America with Interactives

    Exploring Mars--a Timeline History

    The Near Future of Space Travel

    How to Build your own Time Machine

    Learn about light speed, atoms, particle accelerators, etc, with this interactive game:

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    General Ecology with audio lectures

    Japanese Rare Books

    While this is rather specialized and most average K-12 families won't need this, students of Japanese language and culture might find this fascinating:

    Educational Games at Game Classroom

    It's a web portal for educational games, sortable by level.

    Very cool.

    When you click on a grade level, you get a popup asking you to sign up for the newsletter. You don't have to sign up to access the games. Just close the popup window.

    Animal Makers

    This is the website of a company that makes "fake" animals for Hollywood. It's pretty cool. Be sure to check out Behind the Scenes (both Making of and On location), where they have pictures and movies of making and using the fake animals.

    Pretty cool!

    Tree of Life Web Project

    Short Animal video clips

    These are not highly edited documentaries. Rather, these are brief clips of animals being themselves in their own habitats. It's like observing the animals in nature. Very Cool.

    Animal Diversity Web

    Includes pictures, animal sounds, and explanations of things like animal naming as well as an abundance of information about animals.