Friday, August 27, 2010

Latin Vocabulary Games

Spanish Vocabulary games

Games for building vocabulary

Literature-based spelling lists

Spelling City

This is a great spelling site!

You can enter your own words and practice them, test yourself, or play a game with them. They also have lists you can access and use (under Teacher Resources, though, not Find a List).

There are also state information quizzes (largest cities, etc.) for each US state.

This is a very homeschool-friendly site. They even include an entire spelling curriculum here:
Start on the first list and work your way down--they grow incrementally harder--and play games, etc. with each list.

Also, an entire 1-6 grade curriculum is here:

Also, individual teachers are putting up reading curricula. Grades 3-5 are here:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playschool curriculum (for ages 1-3)

I have created a full year online curriculum for my toddler. The link is here if you want to use it as is or as a model for your own custom curriculum:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Primary Homework Help

This site used to be called "Woodland's Junior" and several people have linked me to it (and I keep finding it on my own).  It really is one of the best resource collections out there, at least in the history section. I haven't used the others extensively, but I'd love to hear from people who have:

There are still more resources at the original Woodland's Junior site, like unusual customs.

Check both.

Lots of Ancient Greece Interactives

Woodland's Junior consistently has fantastic educational resources, and their section on Greece is fun.

Also here:

Be sure to check the menu on the left. It's easy to miss, but that's where your various chapters are.

Ancient Mesopotamia

Be sure to check out the staff room for free teacher materials (worksheets, discussion guides, etc).

Ancient India


Be sure to check out the staff room for teacher materials (worksheets, discussion guides, etc.).

Best Ancient Greece Site

Be sure to check out the "Staff Room" for lesson plans, worksheets, and other teacher materials.

Ancient China


Be sure to visit the "Staff Room," which has free teaching resources, downloadable worksheets and discussion guides, etc.

Ancient Civilizations by theme (building, writing, etc)

Be SURE you click on "staff room" (at the bottom left, very tiny). This gives you teaching materials (discussions, comparative resources, etc) as Word Documents.

Online Tours of the British Museum (history)

History of the world in 100 Objects

Young Explorers (Ancient History)

This is a fantastic new site with games, activities, and interactives on Ancient World History.

VERY cool.

Time Explorers from the British Museum

Computer game. History. Fun.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Complete 8-12 Math courses (pre-algebra through calculus)

These are video lectures from real teachers covering the whole course. They DON'T include the book or assignments, so you'll have to use them to teach the topics covered in your own textbooks, but they do include a homework checker that gives answers to your math problems and a forum.

Complete Video Physics Lectures

There are no assignments included here, so this would be a complete course with the addition of a textbook to work with. But this does include video lectures from real teachers.

Complete Video Chemistry Course

Like the biology course, this doesn't include worksheets or assignments, but it does contain a complete series of video lectures by a real teacher with a whiteboard.

Complete Video Biology Course

As of this date, the course isn't completely finished, but there's a good chunk. These are videos of a science teacher with a whiteboard, so it somewhat simulates a real classroom lecture. Taken together, it forms a complete course in terms of information (there are no assignments or worksheets).

"Best" sources of educational video content

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Cover Creator

Lets you design and print a book cover (front only, front and back, or full dust jacket) for a book you like or a book you wrote.

Science Experiments from Head Rush

Fun Science Quiz Game

Play in "practice" mode for solo play.

Polish Vocabulary Resources

Nursery Rhyme Ebook downloads

These are simple and colorful--perfect for young learners.

Make your own educational games

This site has over 2000 educational games, plus the capacity to make your own, which you can then embed on your own blog or website. It says it's a 6-12th grade site, but there are games for young learners, too.

You have to register for access, but it's free.

The games I played were solid educationally, but could hardly be called "games"--they were more like online learning activities, animated quizzes, or animated drills. Still, they were brightly colored and if you are just looking for yet another way to drill your child on multiplication or the parts of a cell, this works.

Plus you can make your own activities using your own content.

Russian Vocabulary Resources

Italian Vocabulary Resources

Dutch Vocabulary Resources

German Vocabulary Resources

Spanish Vocabulary Resources

French Vocabulary Resources

and games:


Spanish Numbers and More

German Numbers and More

US States Booklets

You have to access the pages one at a time, and with multiple clicks.

Welsh Language Materials

Colorful Printables on many topics

Mother Goose Rhymes (and accompanying lesson materials)

The rhymes are found listed down the left side as links.

And this site: , which is a little nicer to look at but equally confusing to navigate.

This one is still prettier, but very modern, high-tech feel to the design:

History Printables

Preschool Academy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

39-week Algebra course

What is Anthropology

Science Web Quests

Dear America: Tales from US History

Reading Guides to Children's Novels


Interactive Tour of Ellis Island

Write It online Writing Classes

Interactive Spanish Games -- intermediate and advanced

The First Thanksgiving

Hans Christian Andersen Stories

The Arabian Nights

Most of these are widely accepted. I advise you preview the Richard Burton translations (down at the bottom) before you turn your child loose on this page. He was well-known in the 1880s for being heavily into erotic literature, and some of his translations are not child-appropriate.

Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thousands of printables and crafts

These are much higher quality and more diverse than most educational sites.

They also have lesson plans, art ideas, etc:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cybrary Man's Web Portal

US History Images

GREAT kids' stories and rhymes site

I've been searching out nursery rhymes and classic tales to add to my children's curricula, and this is one of the best sites I've found:

It's loaded with stories, rhymes, and songs, each illustrated colorfully and read by a professional (not like Cullen's ABCs--I mean people like Crispin Glover and Nick Cannon, who know how to read).

Really fun. Free downloads. Watch online. Great stuff.

Also, if you click on the "teachers" link, you'll find lesson guides, worksheets, and activities for the stories.

For Small Scientists: the Magic Schoolbus


Full episodes of Magic Schoolbus here:

organized by topic.

Peter Rabbit Games and Activities

Visually beautiful site, too:

Also, the story:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Printables to go with classic children's books

Great Story Resource

Read the e-book. Then print a coloring book version of it for your child to make their own.

Printable Writing Papers (of various elementary school styles)

ABC practice worksheets

Math Card Games

Free 8-12th grade online core curriculum

Just checking this out. They say they are k-12 on their front page, but they really are 8-12 (which is fine because Head of the Class is pK-8, and Lesson Pathways is K-5, so those are covered already if you like free online curricula).

You have to register for free access, but they welcome homeschoolers.

I would love to hear other people's experiences with this. Reviews, anyone?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Educational Kids Games

Some are better than others, but they do have a more truly educational bent than, say, Dora.

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op

You can join for free and make free ID cards for your own homeschool (for a fee you can get PVC cards, but you can print them for free). They also have a database of free resources out there:

Learn the ABCs (online and printable activities) --printables --online

I especially like the online animations that show how to form the letters properly, and then the follow-up worksheets to practice on.

French Vocabulary Activities (online)

online activities:

and worksheets:

German Vocabulary Activities

online activities:

and worksheets:

Spanish Vocabulary Activities

online activities:

and worksheets:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Educational Pre-K Games

Saxon Math Online

Saxon Math has started putting online components of their math curricula out there for people to use, including those pesky fact sheets that begin every lesson (form A and form B?):

My kids, at least, will be delighted--they can now do at least that part online!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Funnest math games I've found (and other learning games, too)

I'm doing a lot of searching out of math games for my kids to practice their math facts. Worksheets just don't cut it for them--too boring--and MOST math "games" are simply worksheets where you can only see only problem at a time, sometimes with a cute frame, and sometimes with cute animation. But it doesn't really qualify as a game unless there is a progression of some kind and a way to win.

This site is my favorite so far:

They have other learning games as well (language arts, reading, science) and animated tutorials. I just haven't played those yet.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Math Games/Lesson Site

This site allows you to play math games. It also allows you to create a math "lesson" for someone else, choosing groups of games you want them to play.

Free worksheet generator

Math Skills by Grade k-6

You have to pay for unlimited access to the site. But they do have lists of all the skills kids should learn in each grade, if you're doing a DIY, online math program (or if you just want to know how far in that Saxon book they have to get to "finish the grade").  The lists are free. You can do some problems for free.

Fun Typing Program for Kids

So far, this is the best typing program I've found for kids. It actually explains everything, is colorful and animated, and doesn't move too fast.

Free Math Practice Garden

Sign up (free) and it lets you grow your garden over time.